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Is your family looking for a way to escape the mundane? Would you like to revel in the warm Arizona sun while seeking excitement and exercise? From comfort bikes for families and younger riders, to mountain and BMX bikes for the adventurous adrenaline junki. AZ Cyclery & Multisport, located in Glendale, is a premier provider of bikes, clothing and accessories for the west valley! Hungry for excitement? Our shop provides everything you and your family will need for a ride on the local trails or roads – including energy bars and drinks. In addition, we sell riding clothes and accessories such as gloves, helmets, bags, shoes, tires and inflation essentials.

The following are just a few of the top name brands we carry:

Friendly service, qualified professional staff, and a complete inventory of bikes and accessories will get you out and about…whatever your lifestyle! And whether you travel on flat roads for commuting, bumpy trails for a workout and adventure, or simply around the neighborhood for a family retreat, bicycle riding is a great way stay healthy. But that’s not all! These are additional incentives that will benefit both you and Mother Earth:

  • Economical – Of course, commuting by bike rather than car saves money on fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Ecologically & environmentally beneficial – Riding your bike to work avoids burning excess gas and oil which can help to protect our atmosphere! The average car in the United States burns about 650 gallons of gas, producing eight tons of carbon dioxide. Accumulation of oil, gas and coal results in more hot days, more rain and greater drying.

Come visit our shop today or give us a call at (623) 935-2721 for riding needs or repairs!

AZ Cyclery & Multisport
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