Professional Bike Fitting




After purchasing your new bike, we will spend time with you and accurately measure and adjust it in order to provide you with the best riding experience with our house fit.

Didn’t buy a bike from us? Not a problem our house fit start at just $99 and will have you riding with confidence in no time



About Retül

Retül provides bike fit technology and tools to help cyclists increase comfort and improve performance on their bikes. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Retül has specialized in bike fit technology and training since 2007, performing more than 3,000 fits at its headquarters, teaching more than 350 bike fit training courses around the world and helping bike shops, fit studios, performance centers and medical professionals implement Retül fit services into their businesses. Retül was acquired by Specialized Bicycle Components in 2012 and Retül provides fit technology for Body Geometry Fit.


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The new retul fit was absolutely amazing. In a sport that sometimes comes down to fractions of a second every millimeter counts! I wouldn’t consider myself an elite cyclist but I wouldn’t consider myself slow. With the new fit system I found my seat inches, yes plural, too low and a stem that was too short. Although the new position at first was not to be desired because I don’t like changes to my bike I was told to “give it a shot, if you don’t like it we’ll go back”. Now I‘m riding longer, stronger, and recovering faster than ever. As I was told I would get use to my new position it only took 1 ride. The thought of how much faster I was going with less effort essentially took my mind off of worrying. Now every race I enter I do so with the confidence that the gear I have will be a non issue. Because of the retul fit I know that everything else in my victories and defeats on the bike will be because of the motor on top of it and not the fit nor equipment. 100% confidence is a great feeling to have after a fitting process. Thank you Rey and AZ cyclery and multisport for the fit and overall experience. I cannot wait for what the future holds for specialized, new customers, and ultimately the shop family.

~ Tim Shannon

I recently got fit at AZ Cyclery & Multisport and to say my riding position was different is an understatement. I have done century rides with just a little recovery time needed before but after the fit I find my legs recovering faster and during the ride much less load on my quads. I am so much more aero and comfortable I get the same output will less effort. Yes it is an investment but completely worth it when I can finally get everything out of my bike and myself. My second ride after my Retul fit was a century with over 7k feet of climbing and I was ready to ride the next day which wouldn’t have been the case before. February was my first with Retul and I was able to ride 700+ miles and 31k feet of elevation gain.  I’m excited to see the results in my riding for the year to come and to push myself further than I thought possible thanks to Retul and AZ Cyclery.

Jared Miller